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Mountain bike adventure tours

True adventure tours in the deep back country of Crete can be enjoyed with the guides of Cretan Sports Cycling. As locals, they know the most remote tours and trails that lead to fantastically beautiful coastlines and high valleys. It goes from stage hotel to stage hotel where you are traveling with a daypack and the remaining luggage is shuttled. Our Navara pickup is all-terrain and also serves as a back up in the event that help is needed quickly. The characteristic of the tours are reminiscent of an alpine cross. Continuous climbs and then either down to the valley, or more or less undulating on a plateau. Thanks to the shuttle support, in the afternoon you will often have more depth than altitude on the GPS device. Again, a lot of dirt roads are driven uphill, but also one or the other singletrack passage is there.

The stages themselves are between 25 and 70 km long and collect 500 to 2000 hm / day. At an early start you have the afternoon to enjoy country and people and relax at the stage hotel.

Report to your individual wishes by phone, mail or via the request form. The price depends on duration, number of participants and individual demands on the hotel quality.

Exemplary tour description for Central Crete

Here we want to outline the course of a tour of Central Crete as it can take place. Deviations can be planned sometimes even weather-related. We start on the north coast of Crete attack the highest mountain of Crete, the Psiloritis and reach half way the south coast of Crete. Topographic and cultural highlights will take your breath away but there are also some ups and downs in it. As so often in life worth the effort and on the way back waiting for great departures and counter climbs.

Distance : 257 km
Min. elevation : 4 m
Max elevation : 1569 m
Elevation ascent : 7223 m
Elevation descent : 7728 m



1st DAY

Welcome to Heraklion Crete’s capital. Heraklion is a modern city with squares and secular streets, several shops, coffee shops, intense night life and with multicultural profile, the city combines archaeological treasures and the image of the city with the urban rhythms on the other side. The Old Town makes you trip to the past, surrounds you with Venetian walls. We welcome you from Heraklion airport and check in at Hotel. In the afternoon you will be able to walk and sightsee through the city. We have our meeting in the evening for dinner and get to know each other.

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2nd DAY

We are starting with cars our tour from Heraklion early in the morning and heading to Strouboula plateau, and then we start our journey to Psiloreitis Mountain, a nice pathway that gives us the opportunity to see the geological diversity of this mountain with the rich alternation of landscapes. As we Continue our course, we pass the village Gonies , towards for village Anogia(altitude of 750m) which is a special place inhabited by hospitable people who remain faithful to the traditional way of life.Following an ascent pathway with lot of natural beauty we can see Mitata, low round houses made from stones. In location with altitude 1200m we can see a small stone church of Agios Yakinthos (St Hyacinths), protector of love through the years. We continue our sightseeing to the magnificent landscape of huge oaks, passing by the Zominthos archaeological place and of the meadow of Koursonas. Accommodation and dinner in a traditional guesthouse in the village.

Distance : 45,2 km
Min. elevation : 401 m
Max elevation : 1178 m
Elevation ascent : 1227 m
Elevation descent : 629 m
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3rd DAY

After breakfast we start a challenging  route climbing from 1.032 m to 1.563 m to Skinakas. A route with magnificent view of the south side of Psiloritis mountain, where we can see the majestic forest of Rouvas. Then we follow a nice pathway through oaks, maples, pines and cypresses, on our way to Gergeri village.We Continue to the village Nivritos, Lake Votomos area with great view and shelter for many aquatic birds, and at last we finish our tour on Zaros a rich floral village. Accommodation in a guesthouse of the village.

Distance : 44,4 km
Min. elevation : 700 m
Max elevation : 1569 m
Elevation ascent : 868 m
Elevation descent : 1581 m
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4th DAY

We are leaving Zaros village , following a beautiful road through the valley of Messara towards Phaistos, which in Minoan times was the center of southern central Crete. Towards to our journey, we see the Odigitria΄s monastery. We cross the natural beauty of Agiofarago, several meters away we can see beautiful beach with crystal clear water when we have the Opportunity to swim and some rest.
Then, as we follow the pathway, we can see the Libyan sea, until we arrive at Lentas. The village has a special beach with pebbles and crystal clear waters, in addition of a majestic mountain scenery all around and we are sure it will win your attention. Accommodation in the village.

Distance : 62,9 km
Min. elevation : 4 m
Max elevation : 338 m
Elevation ascent : 1325 m
Elevation descent : 1608 m
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5th DAY

We are starting a demanding, but a special pathway. We are heading to Trypiti beach. As we discover Asterousia Mountain.
We continue with an excellent view on beautiful beaches, ravines, gorgeous and dangerous cliffs which leads to the sea, in Europe there is no place similar to this.
We are finishing our tour on Kapetaniana traditional village (altitude 800 meters).
The location of the village is unique as it combines the element of unique mountain views and the views of the Libyan Sea. In the afternoon, optionally we can climb to the top of Kofinas. Accommodation in a traditional guesthouse.

Distance : 23,1 km
Min. elevation : 11 m
Max elevation : 792 m
Elevation ascent : 1226 m
Elevation descent : 547 m
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6th DAY

We are going to cross a fantastic downhill route from Kapetaniana to the seaside village of Agios Ioannis (St. John. ) Then we will cross the beautiful pathway to the cave of St. Anthony, from now on and for a few places it might be needed to cross the pavement carrying our bikes because of the inaccessibility of the pavement. We are going to pass a small pine forest and oak trees until we reach the Koudoumas Monastery. The monastery was built on a secluded seaside location in a unique place. we arrive at Sopata (altitude 1023m) and continue with our bicycles our tour in the way to Paranumfoi village and Mournia and Ethia as well.
We will combine a break in this pituresque village. Then there is a pathway on our way to Achendrias and we will descent to the Mesochorio village having the magical image of the plain of Messara. Finally we are transfered by our bus to Archanes village. Accommodation in a traditional guest house.

Distance : 58,2 km
Min. elevation : 4 m
Max elevation : 1072 m
Elevation ascent : 2011 m
Elevation descent : 2462 m
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7th DAY

Archanes village –Katalagari village – Peza village. Today we'll cycle through rural raods to the inland of Heraklion prefecture, and we 'll have the opportunity to visit areas  with a rich variety of archeological , historical sites, monuments , and local villages  boasting important examples of traditional architecture . Accomontation in Heraklion.
Distance : 23 km
Min. elevation : 84 m
Max elevation : 463 m
Elevation ascent : 566 m
Elevation descent : 901 m
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8th DAY

Well done. You cross Crete like only a little number of people did it befor. Thank you for doing that with CRETE CYCLCING Bicycle Holidays. We will bring you to the airport or you extend your stay in one of our locations

Distance : 257 km
Min. elevation : 4 m
Max elevation : 1569 m
Elevation ascent : 7223 m
Elevation descent : 7728 m
crete-cycling, cretan sports, mountainbike tour durch Zentralkreta